You can make a difference. Give and you shall receive. See what it's like to not only receive God's loving kindness, but give back to others right here in your own community.


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Your offering allows us to connect people to the Word of God and serve our Lord through outreach to our community.


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Helping others is our calling. Volunteer for a project in motion or start a new service for others.


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Please list any expertise or talents you have that you may be willing to donate. Your time and talent is a gift.
There are several areas where you can help if you can't think of a specific talent. God has given us many gifts. Some of these could include working with children, event planning, administration, accounting, cooking, gardening or yard work, house keeping and organizing, computer skills and typing...the list goes on and you get the idea! So sign up for interests that you may want to help with.
Drop us a note if you can't think of a specific talent or interest and we will be in touch soon. Thank you for giving of yourself.