Season of Change

Fall is always a time of change. Looking outside the garden is coming to an end, the leaves are turning, the squirrels are scurrying around and quickly gathering for the upcoming cold season. It's like there is an anticipation in the air that you can feel. Things are changing!

But what will the change be? That question hangs in the air this time of the year. Does it bring excitement for you? Maybe a little fear? worry and sleeplessness nights under the big harvest moon? or anticipation for the next chapter? Whatever it may be, change has a way of working on all of us in different ways especially if we don't know what the change will bring.

For some of us, change means giving up control. We have to put the change in God's hands and patiently wait for him to open the next door or window.

Paul appeals to the Romans in chapter 12 to "not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." How hard is that for us? It seems that changing our mind or even someone else's mind proves to be a harder challenge than moving a huge boulder at times. We are stubborn, close minded, set in our ways, afraid of looking foolish or wrong.

So what does it mean to renew your mind? And is it even possible?

For me, it depends on how hard coded (or hard headed) I am. I am more in line with the school of thought that I can make a real change if desperate or in an emergency situation. Real change occurs for me in those situations. Sometimes when I know that I need a change, I even create a situation that will force me to embrace the leap of faith and change that I know is about to take place.

Spiritual Guru Maharaj Charan Singh said that "the mind of ours which is absorbed in deep slumber has to be awakened, for the only obstacle that hinders the soul from merging into the Lord is our mind."

What does change mean for you? Is is harder to change your mind or someone else's mind?

In what way do you need God's help to change your mind, your actions, or heart?

by I. Kellas - member SHLC